About Miss Maple L.A.

Food. It exists to provide us with nutrients, so why do we eat food in which all the nutrients have been stripped? Our goal at Miss Maple is to provide delicious, nutrient-rich baked goods containing whole, real, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients. We're not here to imitate, pound for pound, those flat, empty calories you find at the donut shop, but rather to showcase the real, vibrant flavors found in nature. Because these flavors were designed by nature, we can't really take all the credit, but we can promise to always deliver that familiar comfort you look for in a pastry. As we are also a gluten-free and vegan bakery, avoiding the use of synthetic and refined sugars and starches can be particularly challenging and probably a good reason why you've likely had trouble finding someone like us. Well, we're here, Los Angeles, and you can always trust us to keep your best interest in mind. So please, set aside some time from your busy life, relax and enjoy the little things. And while you're at it, have some nutrients. On us.

Visit our menu page for a list of our goods and their ingredients.  FYI, we sometimes use honey in our dairy/egg free recipes, for all you strict vegans.

Any produce used is chosen on a seasonal basis and is organic and sourced locally whenever possible. 

*Please visit this page for important information on our allergen-free prep areas.